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CCTerminal Account Pricing

The CCTerminal merchant account pricingfrom Credit Card Processing Services is the most competitive in the industry.

Here is the pricing for the CCTerminal Merchant Account program:

Payment Jack Software
Payment Jack Card Swiper
MasterCard, Visa, & Discover (Swiped Qualified Rate)
1.20 %
MasterCard, Visa, & Discover
(Manually Keyed on a Swiped Account)

3.00 % + $0.10
MasterCard, Visa, & Discover
(Card Not Present Merchant)

1.67 %
Per Transaction
25 Cents
Mobile Gateway Fee
Monthly Minimum
Termination Fee
Application Fee
Pricing is Accurate as of
January 2017




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Our iPhone CCTerminal Program
is Only Available for U.S Merchants



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